About Us

Our Mission Statement

Transformation Project Prison Ministry (TPPM) brings hope and encouragement and offers healing to the incarcerated and disadvantaged and to people affected by incarceration by distributing books and media.


TPPM produces, publishes and distributes Maximum Saints books, which are written and illustrated by incarcerated inmates, and other books and media written by other authors. The organization produces and distributes movies, videos, DVDs, tapes and books developed by Christians to encourage and give spiritual support to the incarcerated and to those affected by incarceration such as: (1) families of the incarcerated, (2) those who minister to the incarcerated, and (3) law enforcement officers and staff who serve and are responsible for the incarcerated, homeless and disadvantaged.


TPPM encourages talented inmates to use their gifts "to the maximum" to serve the Lord through their writing and art work, giving spiritual support to others.


TPPM People

TPPM is comprised of volunteers who write, edit, record and edit videos, pack and ship, and give presentations at churches and civic group meetings and on radio.  The founder, Chaplain Yonghui McDonald, is on a mission to reach out to 500 churches and is well on her way!  Perhaps your church can be included in that list?

Left-to-Right:  Laura Nokes Lang, Lynette McClain, Holly Weipz, Aimee Kim, Yonghui McDonald, Cathy Oasheim, Phil Valdez, Mike Goins, and Elizabeth McLaughlin 

In addition to the Denver-area team, we have volunteers in Myanmar, South Korea, Los Angeles, and Chicago.  We have books on spirituality, transformation (inmate testimonies), grief and loss, veterans, and a wonderful “Journey With Jesus” series about a young girl’s walk with Christ.


In 2005, Chaplain Yonghui McDonald noticed a lack of inspirational reading material at Adams County Detention Facility in Brighton, Colorado. The problem, as it turned out, was not only a local one. Prayer and inspiration led her to begin writing books (like "Journey with Jesus") and gathering/publishing inmate testimonies to be shared at no cost with prisons, halfway houses, and homeless shelters across the nation. Since then, Transformation Project Prison Ministry has published and distributed numerous books, audio CDs, and DVDs for the benefit of the incarcerated. The major accomplishments of this project: (1) giving voice to the voiceless, allowing the testimonies of the incarcerated to be heard and shared beyond cell walls; and (2) increasing the awareness of God at work in the hearts and minds of the incarcerated in television and radio interviews, local churches, and nationally through the material we distribute free of charge. The material provides the incarcerated with hope, a better understanding of God, and a purpose that benefits themselves and their neighbor. For those not incarcerated, the material also provides a deeper understanding of what God can do, even in the most unexpected of places.

TPPM offers uplifting stories in the "Journey with Jesus" series, parenting, Chaplain journeys, and books by authors with a heart for outreach to inmates, their families, and other individuals in desperate need of hope in Jesus Christ.  To date, we have printed and distributed tens of thousands of books to prisoners in South Korea, Los Angeles, Colorado, Georgia, and more.  Many of these books are now available at Amazon.com to help fund the ministry, in English, and often in Korean or Spanish as well.  Soon, we will have Hindi, Vietnamese, and even Braille versions of books to distribute.  Some inmates have no spiritually nurturing material in their native language:  TPPM is meeting the need at home and abroad, Thanks be to God!


Goals & Objectives

1. To maintain momentum and outreach to the incarcerated by producing new material every six months.
2. To increase participation in Prison Ministry among churches and individuals through at least six learning events every year.
3. To be a blessing to more inmates by distributing material to at least five new facilities every year.

Activities Plan

1. Work through the Chaplain's office at Adams County Detention Facility (ACDF) to identify and capture compelling "Maximum Saints" testimonies in art, stories, or music by encouraging inmates to share what God is doing in their lives
2. Solicit donations via the internet, Advance, local church and Conference presentations, so that we can continue to producing and distributing material to those in need
3. Respond to requests for our materials within two weeks, and solicit feedback as appropriate to ensure the need was met